#Roughabite Picturebook Comic for kids by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

Here we have Roughabite playing with an ice block of water. Roughbite your funny little buddy. Stop playing.

jcaaec-roughabite is a kids hero.

#Roughabite has a #net and is trying to #catch a turkeyleg by #illustrator Jamaal R. james for #JCAAEC

Roughabite is the man and he has a master plan. Not really he’s just trying to catch a turkey and not feeling worthy.  Roughabite catch the turkey you deserve to eat kidd.  We love you Roughabite.

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Roughabite-jcaaec-champion-2018-James creative arts and entertainment company.

#Roughabite #childrensliterature #picturebook where he finds #Love by Cartoonist Jamaal R. James

Roughabite is jumping up in the sky but how high well never know. Is that rough doggie little his little feelings show. Oh no not Roughabite. He’s much too tough for that. Well have a ball and love all you want. Roughabite your the man and we love you either way.

~illustrator Jamaal R. James

JCAAEC Childrens character Roughabite
Roughabite finds true LOVE. Created by illustrator Jamaal R. James for James Creative arts And Entertainment Company.

#Roughabite #PictureBook #comic created by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

Here we have the kidd Roughabite and he’s eating some watermelon on this super hot day.  Roughabite keep eating the melon and chilling.  Much love Roughabite.

James Creative Arts And entertainment company Roughabite JCAAEC
JCAAEC Childrens literature Roughabite

#Roughabite plays with a planet by #Cartoonist Jamaal R. James

Roughabite is playing with a plant and the plant loves him back and he loves the plant.  Plants are good indicators of energy.  Energy and synergy.  Ha. Ha. come back to earth Roughabite. Ok.

Roughabite and the flower is showing him LOVE.
JCAAEC Roughabite by children’s literature illustrator Jamaal R. James