#Roughabite is #balancing on the docks for #jcaaec

Roughabite is walking on the docks and trying to balance in place while staying safe. Peace.



#Roughabite is staying in his #lane and playing Ball in the game by #Cartoonist Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

Roughabite is on the court shooting shots and taking shots. But oh well. Roughie. It’s all apart of the game kidd. Don’t be a lame. Stay in your lane and play your game kidd. Hoops up!


Roughabite is working on his basketball game working to make himself better-james creative arts and entertainment company-jcaaec
roughabite-jcaaec-kidsshow-james creative arts and entertainment company.

World what fun presents: Roughabite Children’s Picture Book illustrated by Jamaal R. James

Roughabite is here to stay and he’s dancing away. ¬†Roughabite is in deep thought and this time he’s rising to the top. ¬†Kids remember to stay focused and don’t get distracted by hocus pocus.


James Creative Arts And Entertainment company produced Roughabite
Roughabite is dancing in the air and having fun.