#Roughabite #Children’s #picturebook comic by #cartoonist Jamaal R. James

This time is the time but Roughabite has more time than you and I. We love you little Roughie and wish you a Happy Halloween guy!

Rock and diamonds are good things created by illustrator Jamaal R. James
Roughabite Childrens Dinosaurdog playing with a rock.

#Roughabite #Childrens #Art by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

Lil Roughabite is having fun and decided to be the one.  But he paid the cost and now his tummy is fat. But he’ll be right back.


Roughabite was a eating way too much yummies.
Roughabite ate too much food. jcaaec

#Roughabite #Childrensliterature #picturebook by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

Our little friend is running around and trying to grab a rope but it looks like the rope grabbed him.  Keep trying Roughabite. We love you little guy.

Roughabite is being social for JCAAEC on a fun day.
Roughabite Children’s Literature JCAAEC or James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company Children’s literature